Landscaping & Irrigation by Stanley Reid

Being landscaping London specialists, we can transform any garden space into a stylish and tasteful masterpiece…

Here at Stanley Reid, we can work with you to create a wonderful outdoor space – sometimes in the least-promising looking settings. We specialise in landscaping gardens in Central London, a place where outdoor space is at a premium. Improving your garden, terrace, yard or patio can make a huge difference.

From garden walls to lovely natural stone patios, here at Stanley Reid, we can carry out all the hard landscaping works for you. We’ll leave the planting to you – however our role doesn’t stop with the building aspect, and we can install an irrigation system to make sure your carefully-chosen plants don’t suffer while you’re away.

Amongst other landscapers London based, we have the key eyes for design and contemporary outcomes. Whether you requirements also include hot tubs, decking, fixed planters, outdoor kitchens… Outdoors has endless potential.

patio dining exterior decor by stanley reid

Contact us to find out how we can transform your garden today, or alternatively take a look at previous examples of our landscaping skills.

Have a look at our portfolio, then contact us to find out how we can make your building project a smooth and (dare we say it?) enjoyable experience.