Audio Visual & Sound Systems by Stanley Reid

Your home should sound as good as it looks, and we can make sure you have a pitch-perfect and intuitive multi-room music system. We can install Sonos (a smart, wireless sound system that integrates your music collection) and make sure you have speakers exactly where you want them.

A few years ago, a home cinema seemed the ultimate in aspirational luxury. Now, thanks to new technologies, home cinemas are far more straightforward and achievable. We have a range of home cinema options available, from actual screening rooms (which we can also furnish) to networked systems that allow your films to be watched on any screen in the house.

AV Installation Project in London

We can also design and install data networks, ensuring that all systems in your home are reliable and fully-integrated.

Most importantly, you are in control of any system we install. Nothing is unnecessarily complicated, and all if it is designed for your household’s individual needs. All these services are also available for commercial properties. To find out more, please contact us.

Have a look at our portfolio, then contact us to find out how we can make your building project a smooth and (dare we say it?) enjoyable experience.